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Kelly’s next book:

Kelly’s next project is to write a book about Durham Cathedral. For almost a millennium, Durham Cathedral has stood overlooking the River Wear in the Northeast of England, standing witness to the Christian faith and a thousand years of history. On one end rests the Venerable Bede, England’s first historian, and on the other lies St. Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne. In between is a holy place built by hand and consecrated by the prayers of generations. Today the cathedral community includes hundreds of volunteers, clergy, choristers, musicians, artisans, parishioners, and staff, as well as the approximately 700,000 people who visit from around the world every year. For a year, she lived in Durham with her family in order to immerse herself in this magical place and to document a year in its life. She’s now back in the US and working on completing the first draft. Wish her luck, or, if you’re so inclined, pray for her.

Kelly appears on the Dr. Oz Show.

Kelly was honored to talk about Michele Grey on The Dr. Oz Show as part of the True Crime Tuesday series. You can watch her segment beginning here then click on the rest of the clips.

Chapter 16 reviews We Are All Shipwrecks.

Many thanks to Chapter 16 and Maria Browning for this wonderful review.

The Queens of Crime podcast features Kelly and We Are all Shipwrecks.

Kelly joins the reigning queens of true crime in their studio for this week’s episode. This podcast series is smart, funny, and compelling. You should make this a regular download, even if you don’t listen to the Shipwrecks episode.

Hippocampus reviews We Are All Shipwrecks

The very fine literary journal of creative nonfiction reviews We Are All Shipwrecks in their October issue. You can read Angela L. Eckhart’s generous review here. Thank you!

Take a class with Kelly at Creative Nonfiction!!

Creative Nonfiction in Pittsburgh offers amazing workshops about nonfiction writing, as well as other programs, fellowships, and anthologies–not to mention the magazine that started it all. Join me in Pittsburgh on October 21st for a class on the Art of Remembering. We’ll work together to address some of the problems of memory–the wobbles and glitches, inaccuracies and failures–that make memoir writing a challenging, exciting, and rewarding art form. Find out more information here.

The Dallas Morning News calls We Are All Shipwrecks a “Dazzling Debut!”

“Every so often a book arrives that slaps you like an incoming wave…” read more here.

Bustle says We Are All Shipwrecks is one of 15 books to put on your Fall To-Be-Read list.

So do it! Read the entire list here.

BookPage: Shipwrecks is “stunningly powerful.”

BookPage gives We Are All Shipwrecks a lovely review and notices a certain author’s tactile obsession. Read more here…

Shipwrecks is one of CBC Books‘ “15 of the Most Buzz-worthy Nonfiction Books from Around the World Coming Soon.”

Along with books by authors like Ta-Nehisi Coates, Toni Morrison, and Hillary Rodham Clinton, no less. Squee! Read more here…

Shelf Awareness‘ verdict: “A wise, contemplative, forgiving memoir”

Shelf Awareness calls We Are All Shipwrecks “a memoir about being adrift and lost on a boat, but also about discovering that we’re all more or less adrift, that yearning is a universal condition.” Read more here…

Publishers Weekly is captivated:

Publishers Weekly calls We Are All Shipwrecks a “rich and complex memoir of a search for family” and says that “Carlisle captivates the reader in this tender, warts-and-all narrative.” Read more…

Kirkus reviews We Are All Shipwrecks:

In its July 1st issue, Kirkus Reviews renders the following verdict: “A turbulent childhood is accurately rendered in this gritty, raw memoir of Carlisle’s family and her search for the truth about her mother’s death.” Read more here.

A review of Shipwrecks appears in Bookstalker:

I’m so grateful to the lovely people at Bookstalkerblog for this thoughtful and beautifully written review.

Library Journal Loves Shipwrecks!

In a starred review, Library Journal calls We Are All Shipwrecks “moving and complex…an exquisitely written tale of perseverance and unconditional love.” Thank you, Library Journal and Kaitlin Malixi! Read more here.

Fourth Genre Calls Shipwrecks a “stunning piece of work!”

In a kind and generous review in the literary journal Fourth Genre, Ned Stuckey-French calls We Are All Shipwrecks a “stunning piece of work.” We wish we could link to it, but you have to subscribe to Fourth Genre to see it (which you should do anyway, if you love well-crafted literary nonfiction).